FIBERME delivers an entire communications solution in one powerful and easy to manage deployment. From IP Voice and more, we deliver the tools any organization needs to be successful. All of our solutions deliver state-of-the-art features to maximize your network’s customizability, while being optimized to seamlessly work together.

IP Phones

FIBERME FXP, and FWP Series gives your business all features you may need in your desk phone include Wi-Fi and Hot-sport features


FIBERME FCM63xA, FCM54xx, and FCM65xx Series are a free of license VoIP PBXs, comes with enterprise features.


FIBERME provide analog and digital gateway for FXO, 4 & 8 Ports, and E1/T1/J1 interfaces


FIBRME FCH7xxx Series providea Entry, Mid and High-end noise cancelation headsets


FIBERME FS Series are an artifecial intelegant network switches.


FIBERME SWING is a free SIP Softphone for smartphone

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