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FIBERME Network Switches

FIBERME  FS-AI20xx Series of Network Switches are artificial intelligent  PoE switches for small and medium businesses.

it comes with 250 Watts of power and 30 Watts of power per port, It can meet the PoE power supply requirements of various types of devices such as WIFI AP, IP-camera, WIFI bridge, and IP Phone. 

The product has 24 100M  or Gbps PoE ports,  2 Gigabit RJ45 ports, and 1 or 2 gigabit SFP ports, which are suitable for network access and edge aggregation.

AI Extend mode, the effective transmission distance of 1-8 ports can reach 250 meters, which is suitable for long-distance monitoring and power supply; When enabling AI PoE mode, the switch automatically detects the working condition of the PD device, and automatically restarts the device when abnormal devices are found; When the AI QoS mode is enabled, the video data will be prioritized when the device is congested to make the video smoother. 

It is the best choice for PoE networking in hotels, campuses, factory dormitories, and small and medium-sized enterprises.



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