FIBERME Remote Connect

Cloud Managment

Remote Extensions


No VPN or DDNS Needed

FIBERME Remote Connect (FRC) is a cloud service allow users to be connected to the VoIP system from anywhere in the world with no extra cost for VPN Connecteions or Dynamic DNS service.

FCR designed to be connected without any extra technical skills, just few steps to activate it and connect from anywhere,

once you are connected to the internet, it mean you are connected to your VoIP system in youe company,

Remote Softphone Extensions

With FIBERME Remote Connect (FRC) service, feel free to work from anywhere worldwide using a softphone on your smart mobile or laptop.

Once you configure your extension on your mobile or laptop, you can feel the business environment from anywhere

Remote IP Phone Extensions

FIBERME Remote Connect (FRC) allow usiers to regiester own extension on IP Phone in a remote site wih only internet connection with a high quality voice.


With  FIBERME Remote Connect (FRC), you can create a SIP trunk between IP PBXs in remote sites without any need to use statis IP pr use VPN