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Free Softphone

compatible with all SIP PBXs


FIBERME SWING is a SIP softphone that can connect, Make, receive calls, and make audio conference from anywhere by connecting to a FIBERME FCM IPPBX series.
FIBERME SWING supports high-quality audio calls and meetings,
As long as you can use your internal office extension from your mobile phone using network connection, users can register to FCM IPPBX series extensions, directly, call other extensions, landlines, and mobile numbers.
FIBERME SWING can be used with FIBERME FCM IPPBX Series or any SIP PBX.

FIBERME SWING is a free SIP client that efficiently works to streamline VoIP telephony for Smartphones that uses Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE connection. It offers the best way to make calls, and the VoIP system ranges from small businesses to large-scale enterprise solutions.
Connect your phone system with business platforms, apps, and more on a single and centralized platform and get more value for the business.