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To establish connectivity between the IPPBX and Mobile, it is necessary to enable registration for the mobile device on the IPPBX. This will enable the mobile to connect with other extensions registered on the IPPBX ​


1- IPPBX FCM5600

– Navigate to PBX Settings-> Extensions/Trunks -> IP Extensions

– Choose extension and navigate to edit and navigate to Features.

– Enable Remote Extension.

– Navigate to Advanced 

– Make Transport Protocol TLS

– Navigate to Value Added Features -> Remote Access -> Status

– Take the domain server.

 2- On Mobile

1- Connect the Mobile to the internet by Wi-Fi, 4G, or 5G.

2- Download our Application, FIBERME SWING.


– Username: Use your Extension

– Password: Use SIP Password

– Sip Domain: Use Domain Server

 – Navigate to Advanced

– Make outbound proxy Domain Server:5162

– Make transport protocol  TLS

– Login to IPPBX

– Navigate to settings

– Navigate to codecs

– Disable G.729

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