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FIBERME Communications LLC has been at the forefront of connecting the global community through Unified Communications solutions, empowering businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity. Tailored to serve both small and medium enterprises as well as larger corporations, our solutions have garnered international acclaim for their quality, reliability, and innovation. FIBERME solutions are engineered to reduce communication expenses, bolster security measures, and elevate overall productivity. With our open standard SIP-based products, we offer extensive interoperability across the industry, coupled with unmatched features, adaptability, and competitive pricing.

FIBERME products are available through our established global distribution channels.

FIBERME Communications LLC headquartered based in VA, USA with regional offices in Dubai, UAE.



Our Mission​

The name FIBERME epitomizes quality, innovation, and reliability. Through our commitment to manufacturing cutting-edge IP unified communications products, we strive to enhance business productivity, efficiency, and communication. Our extensive range of products facilitates global connectivity for businesses, empowering them to achieve unprecedented levels of success.